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Recipe for SOUP with SPINACH | Hara Shorba | Palak soup

‘Hara’ means Green and ‘shorba’ means soup in Hindi. As this recipe for soup with spinach also includes few more greeny ingredients, it got its name as ‘Hara shorba’. You might Have wondered does Spinach (Palak) goes well in a bowl of soup, especially if you are someone who has been hating them as an …


Basundi Recipe – Sweetened Condensed milk recipe

Basundi recipe is easy to make a dessert with very few ingredients. This Indian style Sweetened Condensed milk recipe is made by reducing milk followed by flavouring it with spices like Cardamom, Saffron and garnished with dry fruits. Homemade sweetened condensed milk (Indian style)| Basundi ‘Basundi’ – meaning Sweetened condensed milk. Milk is boiled and …

cucumber lemon mint juice recipe
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Cucumber Mint Lemonade | Cucumber Mint Cooler |Cucumber juice

Cucumber Mint cooler made out of cucumber juice, mint and lemon is all that you need to keep you refreshing on any day, especially on a hot summer day. Have a kid who hates and refuses to have cucumbers? then hold on. this recipe will really help your kid to have this super hydrated veggie …

kulukki sarbath- Orange spiced Indian lemonade shakeups
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Spice up your regular homemade lemonade recipe or your normal Kulukki sarbath with Orange flavour for that extra sweet twist! This recipe is easy to make and packed with vitamin c and doesn’t require many ingredients. So take a sip and enjoy summer, with this super refreshing summer drink. what is Kulukki sarbath? Meaning of …

easy and quick chicken biryani
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‘Chicken Biryani’ is a mixed rice dish with hero ingredient being ‘chicken’. Orginated in India, It has different emotions and traditions across different regions. Biryani originated from Mughlai cuisine in India, and unlike pilaf or pilau, (iranian based dish), it involves grounded masalas added to the mix of rice and meat and the extent of …