Welcome to my little corner, where I share about our love for food, a bit of exciting history behind it, and foods that lured me to try in the kitchen that once experienced in restaurants.

Hey, I’m Fahira Abdullah, the writer behind this blog.

It all started with documenting the food I cook on Instagram under the name favour_ur_flavour. Later, Curry Lens was born when that documenting needed a curated space.

Recipes in this blog are all tried tested, and loved by everyone in the family, and some secret recipes that my neighbors would favor. Further, you can also find some insider tips for swapping with the substitutes for ingredients that are not available in our locals.

The journey of documenting recipes led me to food photography which turned out to be a passion. I grew this by feeding my knowledge with books and co-creators.

Other than our love for exploring food, we love to travel and have explored a small bit of the world. So, there would be also tips and tricks to survive the traditional cooking in different regions along with the love for foods from different countries.

Other than this, you can always look back here for curated Asian recipes, easy and quick-to-make recipes, and kid-friendly, and non-alcoholic drink recipes.

Come, join me, lets explore the recipes through my lenses spicing up your simple home-cooked foods with nothing more than pure love.

All, Food photographs in my blog and social media accounts are cooked and shot by me.

Thank you for being here and for your interest in knowing about my blog.

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See you again, Fahira Abdullah.

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