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Aloo fry | Potato fry recipe is a quick Indian style side dish that saves you a lot of time with no compromise in taste.

If you are looking for Easy side dish for your lunch or dinner with fewest of ingredients, then this Potato fry recipe is perfect for you to make. As this doesn’t involve any pre-cooking or boiling of potatoes

Easy potato masala fry recipe

Among most of the other potato fry recipes, this is one simple pan-fried potatoes methods, I always hook upon because of its simplicity. and no fancy ingredients and even tempering.

I used to make this often while packing for lunchboxes and its one of our family favourite to pair with mains. This recipe for Potato fry can be made in a non-stick pan with less oil, so next time when your oven is already filled with some other food, you need not worry. Bonus, they are quick to make too.

Tips for Best potato fry recipe at home

Though the recipe is super simple, you need to take care of certain factors to make them best. Here, I’m sharing my tried and tested secrets for you to master your Potato fry. I’m sure you’re going to love them.

How to make Potato fry Crispy

Have you ever made your pan-fried Potatoes, and felt that they are soggier?

Probably, you added to water while making your aloo sabji or you failed to cook potatoes at the right temperature.

crispy potato fry recipe

So, How to cook Potatoes for this aloo fry recipe? Easy!

  • Firstly, Don’t ever add water while making potato fry.
  • Always, add salt only after half of your potatoes are cooked and fried at one side.
  • Finally, Fry them at right temperature. I usually cook them between medium-high-low flame. That is, Ensure your pan is medium hot through out your cooking process.

Alternate way to add flavour to your Aloo fry

This three ingredient recipe can be flavoured using Curry Leaves to give it a South Indian touch. For this, add curry leaves in hot oil, just before adding potatoes and let them fry for a minute.

Alternatively, you can also add Onions to your Potato fry recipe. To do this, add onions after frying the curry leaves, followed by potatoes.

However, you can skip adding them to your aloo fry as I did here. It is still the best!!

Best to serve

We love to pair these crispy, easy Potato fry with our ever favourite South Indian style Curd rice, Kichadi’s, Dal Chawal, or Plain rice with rasam.

They also serve as a best snack for you to pair with tea.

Easy Potato Fry recipe with step by step images

1.Wash Potatoes, to get rid of any soil and dirt. Roughly peel them.

2. Cut Potatoes into Cubes, and Place them in a bowl of water While Preparing for the ingredients.

3. Place a non sick pan in stove, Let it dry. Now, add oil .

4. When the oil is hot enough, Add Cubed Potatoes after draining water and Fry them in Medium Hot. The pan should be at the same temperature throughout the cooking process. Fry till golden brown

5. Turn Potatoes once they are half fried. Now add salt, Red chilly Powder and Pepper Powder. Let it cover the Potatoes Completely. Serve them hot with rice as a side dish.

Note to reader,

  • You can adjust the amount of spice added here to make it less spicy based on your preference.
  • Use Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder to get Bright Red coloured Potato fry, (Kashmiri red chilli’s are less spicy and bright coloured)
  • You can also make this fried potatoes as Pepper potato fry by reducing or eliminating red chilly powder from the recipe. But, the colour of your potato fry won’t be the same.
  • Adjust the flame high-low- medium to ensure the pan is medium hot throughout the cooking process.
  • Avoid using Aluminium Kadai for frying,; itwould add up extra work in cleaning as potato sticks to the bottom.
  • Another important tip here is to avoid over mixing, and this makes the potato mushy rather than crispy.

Do give it a try to this Indian style Potato recipe, and let me know what variations you made to the recipe based on your preference. I love to hear from you!! Happy Munching!! πŸ™‚

Potato Fry Recipe

A Quick 3 ingredient Aloo fry recipe to accompany as a side dish to your comfort food.
Prep Time3 mins
Cook Time7 mins
Total Time10 mins
Course: Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine: global cuisine, Indian
Keyword: Aloo fry recipe, how to make potato fry, Potato fry Pan recipe, Potato Fry recipe,, recipe for potato fry, south Indian potato fry
Servings: 3


  • 2 cup cubed Potato or 3 whole (based on size)
  • Salt to taste
  • 1/4 tsp Red chilly powder
  • 1/2 tsp Pepper Powder
  • 1Β½ tbsp Oil


  • Wash, and roughly peel Potatoes
  • Cube Potatoes and Place them in bowl of water.
  • Place a pan in stove top, When it is hot add oil.
  • Once the oil is hot enough, add Cubed potatoes and fry them in medium- high-low heat,ensuring the pan is medium hot through out the cooking process.
  • When the potatoes are fried at one side, turn them and add salt, red chilly powder and pepper powder.
  • Serve them hot with your best pairings.

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