Basundi Recipe – Sweetened Condensed milk recipe

Basundi recipe is easy to make a dessert with very few ingredients. This Indian style Sweetened Condensed milk recipe is made by reducing milk followed by flavouring it with spices like Cardamom, Saffron and garnished with dry fruits.

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Homemade sweetened condensed milk (Indian style)| Basundi

‘Basundi’ – meaning Sweetened condensed milk. Milk is boiled and reduced to one by third of its original quantity. In addition to that, It can also be flavoured with spices and sweetened with sugar.

Bonus, a replica of store-bought condensed milk is now, in your home. I bet you; it tastes the same. Even a lot better.

I could recall this as one of the recipes I learnt before marriage., thanks to all the cooking shows I watched during my college days. It turned to be one of the easiest to remember too. Lol!

The traditional method of making basundi is a little time-consuming process, and at the end, you will know, it’s worth the effort. Here, I share my little secrets to get you to fasten up, making your favourite sweet dish. However, These are the tricks you need to learn over time while making.

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Why Basundi and Rabri are different?

The most common dilemma when coming to these Indian desserts is, how a rabri is different from basundi?

Let me clear it here for you!

The cooking process for Basundi or Rabri is almost the same. However, Rabdi/ Rabri is a thicker form of Basundi.

Rabdi is usually the one served with Rasamalai. It has chunks of malai in it and is extra creamy than basundi. Extend the cooking process of basundi. You will end up in a thick and creamy Rabri.

Keypoints to note/ identify if your basundi has turned into rabri :

  • The final mithai is 1/4th of your original quantity.
  • The pure white of your milk slightly turns ivory.

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Basundi Ingredients :

Do you have milk, sugar and some flavouring spices in your pantry?

That’s, it! you are ready to make this flavorful Indian dessert.

Yes, it is as simple as this.

The Kesar Basundi Recipe you will find here, is rich with saffron, Almonds, pistachios (pista). Kesar Pista will give a nice flavour to your basundi dish.

Tips and secrets to make best basundi


1. The most important step is choosing the vessel; A deep bottomed kadaai is a great choice.

2. Stir basundi In-between to avoid burning, later. Also, Scrape off the sides in between and add that to the boiling milk.

3. You can also increase the amount of sugar used in this recipe to adjust the sweetness of the dish based on your personal preference.

4. You can also use Coconut sugar in place of refined sugar. Alternatively, Adding jaggery is also possible, but it would change the colour of your basundi dish to brown.

5. I have added Kesar (saffron) in the recipe. If you don’t want the flavour or colour of your dish to be yellow, you can feel free to avoid adding them. Alternatively, finely chopped Cashews can also be added together with Almond and pistachios to add richness to the dish.

Sweetened condensed milk recipe

Secrets for making Basundi recipe – ( Sweetened condensed milk recipe) quickly

1. Always use full-fat milk to get the right consistency. Alternatively, Pasteurised milk can also be used for this purpose.

2. Another quickest way to prepare basundi is while you are already busy in the kitchen is a great way to avoid so much time spending in front of the stove. Also, you can avoid the mess created by spillage of milk if you are nearby.

3. You can also use condensed milk to speed up the cooking process. If using condensed milk, you can adjust the sugar as the condensed milk itself have some sugar in it.

4. In addition to that, you can also speed up the cooking process without adding condensed milk

  • Firstly, increase the flame, and when it reaches a roaring boil, you can simmer it followed by moving a clean card over the vessel back and forth. This ensures quick fat layer formation.
  • Collect the fat and blends them again with the milk. Repeat this step continuously till you get the right consistency.

How to serve Basundi

Basundi can be best served as it is. However, you can also pair with specific dishes to make it even more enjoyable. My recommendation for Some of the possible combinations are as follows,

  • You can chill the basundi and have it. This also makes them thick.
  • Cut some fresh bananas into chunks and throw it over basundi to make it as a fruitful dessert.
  • Make mango basundi by mixing mango puree with basundi. Similarly, you can make basundi with custard apple, figs and other fruits.
  • You can also enjoy them with pooris, as Gujarati’s do.
  • Or just have it as a side for your French toast. Yeah! it tastes good. I love having sweetened condensed milk with French toast

Recipe for sweetened condensed milk | Basundi

To begin with, take a deep bottomed vessel and pour 1 litre of milk into it. Slice Almonds, Pistachios and keep it aside.

After that, Heat the milk to roaring boil, and then simmer it down.

Then, take 2 tbsp of hot milk and pour it over a cup with saffron strands, say, fifteen

Add cardamom powder to it, Keep stirring in between to avoid burning in the bottom.

Then, allow the milk to stay in simmer for approximately 30 mins or till it reduces to one – third

Scrape off the sides and add them back into the boiling milk. This will give thickness to the basundi sweet dish.

Now add sugar, 1 tbsp pistachio, 1 tbsp Almonds, and saffron-infused milk to it.

After 30 mins or the milk has reached its desired consistency. Switch off the stove and chill the basundi. Chilling makes this Indian mithai thicker. You can also skip this step of chilling.

Finally serve basundi with garnishes of Almonds, pistachios, saffron and cashews.

How long my sweetened condensed milk lasts?

You can store the sweetened condensed milk in an airtight container and can be used for almost two weeks.

So, what colour is your sweetened condensed milk?

The beauty of this Indian dish is its versatility. And you can never wrong how much you thicken your milk; you will end up in any of these delicious desserts unless you burn the milk!!

Tell me the colour of your sweetened condensed milk in the comments below. I will be glad to hear your experience in making this delicious Indian mithai!

Basundi Recipe | Sweetened Condensed milk recipe

An easy Indian sweet dish made in a traditional way (without condensed milk) by boiling, untill it reduce .
Prep Time2 mins
Cook Time40 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Keyword: festive dessert, indiansweet, kesar basundi, milk based
Servings: 3


  • 1 Litre Milk Full fat
  • 1/3 cup Sugar
  • 15 Saffron
  • 1 tbsp Almonds
  • 1 tbsp Pistachios


  • Boil milk in a deep bottomed vessel
  • Add Cardamom and simmer it.
  • Take 15 saffron strands in a cup.
  • Take 2tbsp of hot milk and add it to cup with saffron strand.
  • Add sugar, sliced Pistachios, Almonds. Let it stay simmer for 30 mins or till it reduces to one-third.
  • Garnish with dry fruits and Serve chilled (optional)


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