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Cucumber Mint Lemonade | Cucumber Mint Cooler |Cucumber juice

Cucumber Mint cooler made out of cucumber juice, mint and lemon is all that you need to keep you refreshing on any day, especially on a hot summer day.

Have a kid who hates and refuses to have cucumbers? then hold on. this recipe will really help your kid to have this super hydrated veggie by love.

Cucumber juice with mint lemon juice and sugar

I remember those days when my mom used to make cucumber juice out of ‘chennai vellarikkai’ aka Madras cucumbers and nannari sarbath.

Later when I craved for the same, I thought of making a cucumber mint lemonade with salad cucumbers, mint, and lemon. Yes, we don’t find the Madras cucumber here in Rajasthan all-around a year.

Green cucumbers are mostly used in salads and yes, they taste the best when juiced raw.

Cucumbers contain 90% of water and acts as a best detox by flushing out the toxins. Luckily, you know this is an easy summer cooler that you will ever love to make and sip.

This recipe is much suited to serve for crowds. All you need to do is double or triple the recipe based on the needs.

If you’re looking for other easy summer drinks to flavour up your summer you can check this

Lemonade shakeups and Lemonade punch that is extremely easy to make and bonus, suitable for kids and teetotalers.


One of the main factors that always revolves around a recipe is ingredients. Here, I have listed the ingredients that are used in this recipe and have also suggested some substitutions and alterations you can make to this recipe. just, scroll a little more to find them.


Cucumber : Cucumber is rich in water content and helps you keep hydrating. Bonus, they are good for the skin. so, you can peacefully say goodbye to summer skin problems due to dehydration with cucumber.

Mint : Mint makes you feel refreshed.

Lemon : It acts as a perfect combo with cucumbers and mint. Lemon also helps in hydration and good for your immune system.

Sugar : Sugar is added to give a sweet taste. If you dont want to have suagr in your drink you can eliminate them or replace it with honey .

Best mocktail recipe

Make your best mock-tail with cucumber, mint and lemon by adding sprite or any carbonated drinks. you can also consider adding sparkling water instead of water in this recipe.

You need to take extra care with addition of sugar, if you are adding carbonated drink to the recipe.

Alterations/ substitutions

1.You can add salt in substitution with sugar

2. If you like adding black salt to your drinks like us Indian’s to have that slightly tangy tatse. you can also add them instead of regular salt and sugar.

3. Also you can try adding, Sparking water and carbonated drinks in place of water. However this will turn them into mocktails.

4. We love to add mint in our drinks as we like that flavour. if you’re someone who doesn’t like the smell of mint you can eliminate them in the drinks or can substitute them with basils, if you like to have a herb in your drinks.

5. You can also add crushed ginger to the drink to give it a distinct taste.

6. If sugar is not your friend feel free to eliminate them from the recipe or you can happily replace it with honey. This cucumber drink also tastes amazing without either of them.


You can store this juice immediately in refrigerator after making them. Store them in an air tight jar. So,you can have then when you would like to grab a cold cup of juice straight away after returning back home.

However, I recommend them to consume as fresh as possible or consider consuming within two days of preparation.

adding dash of lime to cucumber mint lemonde

How to make cucumber mint lemonade

At first Gather all the ingredients for making cucumber mint cooler. Wash well and peel the cucumbers. you can also skip this step of peeling cucumbers as somehow you are going to strain the puree to get cucumber juice.

Chop the cucumbers,wash mint leaves and prepare juice out of lemon. Use a sieve to sieve some cucumbers for the final garnish and keep it aside.

In a mixer jar add mint leaves, lemon juice, sugar and cucumber slices. Give it a few blends.

After that, take a strainer and pour this mixture and drain the residues away. you can throw these strained mixtures or just add them to curd and season it with salt and pepper to make it as a salad.

if you do not like the raw taste of cucumbers in drinks you can cook the cucumber puree for a few minutes at this stage by adding sugar. I haven’t done this step. because I like to have my drinks fresh and thought to cut out the cooking time for drinks.

However, after cooking the light green colour of juice would change to somewhere between pale and dark

Add some cold or normal water to this mixture.

Finally, Add some Ice cubes and top the glasses with cucumber slices and mint leaves before serving. you can also use finely sliced lemon slices for garnish.

Cucumber juice

Cucumber juice prepared with mint and lemon keeps you hydrated and refreshing. This recipe guides you in making the best cucumber cooler.
Prep Time8 mins
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: global cuisine, Indian
Keyword: cucumber cooler, cucumber drink, cucumber juice, mocktail


  • 1 Cup Cucumber
  • 10 Mint leaves
  • 1 lemon's – Lemon juice
  • 1 ½ Cup Water
  • 2 tbsp Sugar
  • 6 small square Ice cubes optional


  • Wash, peel and chop the cucumbers.
  • Squeeze lemon to make lemon juice.
  • In a mixer jar add, chopped cucumbers, washed mint leaves, sugar and lemon juice
  • Give them a smooth blend and strain the residues.
  • Add water / sparkling water/ carbonated drinks to this mixture.
  • Pour them in a glass and add ice cubes, sliced cucumber, and mint leaves before serving.


Notes :

Add ice cubes to the drink just before serving. this is something that is needed to be considered when serving them for crowd .otherwise, the drink might turn runny and less flavoured.

Alternatively, you can prepare the juice and consider adding the water and ice cubes at last just before serving.

I have been told by some of my friends that they would cook this mixture for a few minutes before serving. However, I prefer fresh drinks when it comes to juices and doesn’t want to spend long hours in the kitchen for a drink.

But, I personally felt if you are a person who likes to store drinks because of busy working hours to sip something.

Then you can try sauting the cucumber juice with sugar, and cool them before serving or storing. you can refer my friend’s suggestions for more on this idea.

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