Ultimate Secrets To Make MILLET PANCAKES / DOSA

Up your healthy breakfast menu plan with these highly nutritious Millet pancakes or millet dosa. You’re in the right place of your search as this recipe for barnyard and Finger millet pancakes/ dosa uses the right proportions.

Also, a little introduction on how these millets are being known in their local language is below. It will help you to identify, easily recognise and helps you in buying from organic shops or any supermarkets.

Barnyard is also known as ‘shama’ or ‘samwat ke chawal’ in Hindi. In Tamil it is ‘kudhirai vaali arisi ‘ in Telugu they are known as ‘Bonta chamalu’ and it is ‘shamula’ or ‘shamul’ in Bengali and Marathi respectively. whereas in Oriya it is ‘Khira’. On the other hand, in Malayalam, they are known as ‘kavadapallu’

Finger millet is also known as ‘Ragi’ in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and ‘panji pullu’ in Malayalam. In Tamil, it is also known as kezhvaragu or keppai. It is ‘Nagli’ in Gujarati, ‘mandia’ in Oriya, ‘Marwa’ in Bengali, ‘Mandhuka’ in Punjabi, ‘Nachni’ or ‘Nachani’ in Marathi and Hindi.

If you are interested in learning more about millets and their various local names across India, then I would highly recommend, you to have a read here

Healthy millet pancake recipe

In this industrious world, following a perfect diet has become a big challenge with us running behind our carrier. Even most of us, have no time to think what our earlier generations might have consumed as a part of their healthy diet to keep them strong. Thus, we have moved to fast food or that daily boring routine with being no interest in cooking.        

This millet pancake is yet, so simple that you can prepare it at weekends and are ready to use them for busy weekdays. But, delicious and healthy than fast food. Combination of two of the millets adds bonus health benefits.

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Benefits of Barnyard millets (sanwa)

Barnyard millets are white. If you ever happen to confuse with the grains, don’t hesitate to take a look at the step by step instructions section to find precisely how a barnyard millet looks!

  • Barnyard’s Fiber content is six times that of wheat.
  • They are rich in antioxidants and are high in immunity power.
  • Also, rich in calcium and phosphorous.
    Thereby lowering the risk of obesity, blood pressure, diabetics and infections, maintaining your heart health and bone health and keeping away from some cancers

Benefits of using Ragi (Finger Millet)

• Rich in protein and amino acids
Therefore, it helps in maintaining healthy brain development in babies.

This recipe of millet pancakes is designed to be liked even by fussy toddlers. Pair it with your favourite coconut chutney for a regular dosa vibe or honey for an American pancake feel!

Bonus point – they are gluten-free and vegan too if you aren’t going to use honey.

Hey, why are you waiting? Give a healthy start to your day by jumping to the recipe. But don’t forget to give it a read as a whole, as this will help you to decide your style of cooking these millets and did I tell you, ‘m spilling some secrets to get some great pancakes/ dosa?

ok, let me Jump to the Recipe!
vegan millet pancake recipe

How to make MILLET PANCAKES using barnyard and Raggi?

The batter for pancakes is the same as that of making dosas. However, there are two ways to tweaking it like pancakes. You can always adapt to any one method based on your convenience.

  1. Adding jaggery directly to the batter: Take careful measures while spreading and flipping pancakes in Tawa, as it tends to melt with heat. For this step, it is necessary to spread little oil over Tawa before spreading the batter. On the other hand, millet dosas are oil-free if using a non-stick pan.
  2. Adding Jaggery is optional: You can also make savoury pancakes by adjusting salt to taste, instead of adding jaggery. Whereas if sweet is your option and also to avoid fuss with flipping you can use maple syrup, honey or jaggery as toppings.


Flour is a very common ingredient in most of pancakes recipe whereas this recipe uses batter.

However, the same recipe can be adapted using flour of barnyard and finger millets if you are convenient in it.


The recipe for Barnyard millet pancakes is without eggs. But I know you have a lot of questions running around in your mind regarding the softness of pancakes. If that’s the case, hey, don’t worry black dal(urad dal) would make that job easy for you!


Go banana’s! Not kidding.

Finely chop the banans and add to the batter ready to be cooked to make your banana millet pancakes.

but before adding bananas make sure you didn’t add any salt to the batter.

Also, a great way to make a runny batter to thick up to an extent is by adding well-mashed bananas. Isn’t it?

I swear the kids are going to love them.

Best to serve with millet pancakes

After cooking the pancakes have it as it is, provided you’re using jaggery ( gud) directly in the batter or while making pancakes.

However, it can also be topped with Honey, maple syrup or with chopped bananas, nuts and raisins.

Mixing the right proportion

The proportion for the batter to make dosa or pancakes is in the ratio of 2:2:1 with barnyard: finger millet: urad dhal which helps you in making soft dosas.

Another essential step in mixing the proportion for the batter lies in adding water because too much water can ruin your pancakes or Dosas.

Indian style finger millet dosa / pancakes

Grinding the batter in a mixer

Grinding the batter in a blender has to be taken extra care than using grinder itself. Reason for this is, the motor in mixer or blender is small that tends to increase the heat while grinding and it reflects in your batter.

Also, there is more room for adding extra water that may ruin your batter consistency.

To avoid this, grind them in portions. Also, prevent overheating of the jar by giving proper time between the pulse.

Another great tip is using cold water while grinding the batter.

Fermentation – How long it takes?

Another biggest concerns when it comes to cooking pancakes from batter rather than flour is all about fermentation.

And yes, that is the biggest concerns when its the season of winter right?

I was told by my friends living in countries with extreme climatic conditions about some tips on fermentation,and one or two things that worked for them is storing the batter in the instant pot or an oven after grinding. During winter, this would help in speeding up the process of fermentation.

Though I have always prepared the batter and stored in 24 hours advanced for fermentation.

you can choose whatever ways works for you.

Storing Batter for later use

Pancakes or Dosa, whatever your choice is!

This step helps you in saving so much time and fuss with busy morning rituals. Also, who doesn’t wants mornings that start easy right?

you can store the batter in refrigerator for two plus weeks!

yes, you read it right!

Hey, but don’t keep the batter exposed too much outside in hot weather. If that’s the case, the batter gets sour soon!

Reason, too much fermentation!

I know now you might be asking, then how in the word should I store them.

I have got it all covered!

If using the batter for prolonged weeks, I suggest you take only the required amount of batter for particular servings and keep the remaining back in the refrigerator. In this way, you could always enjoy fresh millet pancakes or dosas

Using the batter after its storage in the refrigerator

The batter that has been taken just outside the refrigerator is not always recommended to cook immediately.

The minimum standing time after taking the batter out of the refrigerator is from 15- 30 minutes.

Another great tip is to take the batter out for particular servings at a time in a separate bowl rather than keeping the whole batter outside for prolonged hours. In this way, you could avoid eating hard pancakes, by cooking when it is just outside the refrigerator.

What is best served with barnyard and Finger millet dosa?

Serve your millet dosas as you would do for any other normal dosas. it goes well with sambar or any other chutneys.

You can also restrict to one side servings like I did with my coconut chutney.

Millet pancakes / Dosa for Dinner?

Though millets are healthy, they tend to take more time to digest and hence, not much recommended for dinner.

however, it can make a great change in your dinner tables if your dinner routine is too early than your bedtime.

Step by step instructions for making MILLET PANCAKES / DOSA

  • washing and soaking: First, Gather the required amount of ingredients. Then wash and clean them carefully in separate bowls using strainer to avoid loss of grains.
  • Then soak them for about two hours.

Grinding and frementation

  • After soaking grind urad dal separately.
  • Then grind other grains together or separately.
  • If you are grinding in a Grinder you can add both together with required amount of water and give some time for it to grind smoothly.
  • If you are using a mixie or blender, add the grains with water added little by little and in sections or portions with few minutes gap between each pulse.
  • Finally, mix all the grounded batter together and leave them for fermentation at least between 4- 8 hrs, or just as it reaches good fermentation state.
  • After this stage you can store the batter or use it immediately for making pancakes/ dosa.

Preperation for pancakes / sweet millet dosa

  1. After fermentation you can add salt and make them as dosa by pouring the batter over the griddle on stove top. Before that, Make sure the griddle is hot enough to cook pancakes.
  2. If making sweeet dosa or pancakes out of this batter, all you need to do is melt jaggery at this stage.
  3. Add jaggery directly to the batter or you can melt the jaggery just before serving, in that case, avoid adding it first into the batter directly otherwise your pancakes turns out to be too sweet.
    1. In order to melt the jaggery add 1 tbsp of water to the pan in which you’re melting jaggery.
  4. Have chopped nuts and raisins handy to top the pancakes while serving.

cooking pancakes

  • Heat the griddle and grease oil over it. Add a one round spoon full of batter to the tawa and spread it in the clockwise direction from inner to outer.
  • You can skip oil if you are making savoury pancakes/ dosa or you aren’t adding jaggery directly to the batter and you have chosen non stick pan for this purpose.

Happy making!

Millet dosa / millet pancakes

Millet pancakes recipe for quick breakfasts. The batter can be refrigerator and used later. This recipe can be easily adaptable to healthy south Indian dosa recipe
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American, Indian
Keyword breakfasts recipe, millet dosa, millet pancakes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Soaking 2 hours
Servings 10 pancakes and more
Author Fahira Abdullah


  • griddle pan
  • mixer or grinder


  • 1 cup Barnyard Millet
  • 1 cup Raggi
  • ½ cup Urad dal
  • 2 cup Jaggery adjust according to your preference
  • ½ tsp Cardamon powder
  • Oil for greasing

For Garnishing

  • Slivered Almond
  • Slivered Raisins
  • Slivered cashews


Preparing the batter for Millet dosa or savoury millet pancakes

  • Soak both the millets and black gram dal(with or without skin) in required amount of water (until the millets are completely sunk in water) atleast for 2 hours
  • Grindthem all, one at a time, by adding water little by little ensuring the batter doesnt heatens up
  • Mix all grinded portions together and add salt. Let it sit for fermentation for 6-8 hours.

Sweet version of millet dosa or pancakes

  • Follow the first two steps of millet pancakes instructions and mix all the grinded batter together.
  • In this stage, you can add the jaggery as I did or else you can add them later too as toppings.
  • Now, melt the jaggery with ¼ cup of water and add it to the batter by filtering it,once it is slightly cooled.

To cook Pancakes aka Dosa

  • Atfirst, Heat the tawa at high flame, when it is ready spread little oil.
  • Also, ensure that the tawa or griddle is not too hot, while spreading the batter.Thentake a spoonful of batter and make small pancakes by spreading and lower the flame.
  • If you're adding jaggery shreds rather than melted jaggery add at this stage.
  • Garnishwith dry fruits mlike almonds, raisins and cashews.
  • Gentlyflip the side, when one side is cooked.
  • Flipping needs to be taken extra care if you're adding melted jaggery directly to the batter.


  1. While washing the grains for making millet pancakes/ dosa, keep extra care, as these grains are too tiny and you may end up losing them.
  2. To keep your work easy at straining use a strainer with thin mesh. Alternatively, you could also use a muslin cloth to drain excess water and not the grains.
  3. If using a mixer grinder for making the batter, make sure your jar doesn’t heats up by giving enough break inbetween.
  4. Add water, little by little while grinding, remember we need to add that jaggery syrup too. Too much water may make the batter runny, making the pancakes hard to flip.
  5. Gently flipping of the pancakes is necessary as the jaggery in them has the property to stick it to the griddle (tawa) or leave for it to cook over the top by itself.

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