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Recipe for Freezer Strawberry Jam

Recipe for Strawberry freezer jam is one of an easy-to-make strawberry jam preserves. you can make few batches and store them in the freezer for further use in the future. Who doesn’t love quick homemade stuff right?

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Strawberry jam in a jar

On our last visit to the farmers market, we got a good deal for a dozen and dozen of strawberries.

Ah! I love summer because of its fruits.

We made No-bake Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry trifle, made a few batches for this recipe for freezer strawberry jam, and gobbled some as it is.

Mostly, no-bake recipes are a hit in our home like this trifle recipe I made with the king of fruits. Mangoes are definitely another summer love.

Jams being a part of a quick evening snack with toast for kids, I mostly prefer it to be homemade. I stress it on, as we can be mindful about the ingredients that go into it.

Another bonus for making a homemade strawberry jam is, we can have full control over the sugar content in it, and what not! My kid love flavor from the strawberries!

How can you fix a runny jam?

To fix a runny jam, it’s always better to know the reason behind it.

For Instance, your strawberry jam is runny because you added frozen strawberries instead of fresh ones or your key ingredient is more on a sweeter side. The other reason may be, the strawberries are overripe or wet.

Yet, You can fix this runny jam without pectin, in a vegan method without pectin

Any guesses?

Agar-Agar is the best substitute to fix this and speed up the jamming without making your hard work go in vain.

However, the strawberry jam gets thicker as it cools down, rather when compared to when on the stove top.

Recipes using Strawberry jam

Here are my other quick recipe ideas where you can use this strawberry jam

  • Bread toast with strawberry jam
  • french toasts
  • cake filling
Strawberry jam with toast

Recipe for Freezer strawberry jam without pectin

This Recipe for Freezer strawberry jam has no added pectin in it.

It is possible to make a strawberry jam without added pectin in most cases. but if your strawberry is more of a sweeter side, ingredients like pectin or gelatin, or agar might be needed to bind the jam quicker

How to make homemade strawberry jam?

1. Wash and remove the stems of the strawberries.

2. Add strawberries to the pan with sugar at medium-low heat. you can also chop the strawberries if you would love those tiny biteable pieces of strawberries in your jam

3. Let it simmer for few minutes and your little patience will do the rest. it took almost 20 minutes for our jam to get ready. so get on your jars ready in the meantime.

4. Stir in between to avoid burns in bottom of the pan.

5. you can choose between any of these comfortable options than going for a candy thermometer to check if your jam is ready

  • Sides of the pan: When the jamming is complete, you will notice the jam starts to gather more thickly on the sides of the pan.
  • Observing its Fall:  Take a spoonful of jam and observing its fall, if it takes time to fall or slides a little late, it is done.
  • Cold plate: Place a plate inside the freezer while you start making jam. To test the jam take that cold plate outside and scoop a spoon of jam into that plate. If it sets, your jamming process is over.

No pectin Strawberry jam Recipe – Variations

Lemon Strawberry jam

For a strong flavor of Lemon blended with strawberry, use Lemon zest with crushed strawberries while making jam

Cinnamon Flavored strawberry jam

While strawberries are cooking add a pinch of cinnamon powder to it, to make a nicely enhanced cinnamon flavor in your jams

Storage instructions

We made a batch of strawberry jam and stored it in multiple containers. The good thing is, it stayed good for almost 6 months please don’t ask me what’s after that, because it is completely wiped out.

you can also store this jam for up to a year though you will consume it sooner. the trick is to use a separate small airtight container so the unused jars could stay longer in the refrigerator.

Recipe for Freezer Strawberry Jam

This recipe for strawberry jam is best in its texture and can be made with the simple pantry ingredients in few minutes.
Course: Condiments
Cuisine: American, global cuisine
Keyword: breakfast jam recipe, freezer strawberry jam, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Jam recipe


  • 250 g Strawberries
  • 1 cup + 1 tbsp Sugar
  • 1 tbsp Lemon juice


  • Wash and remove the stems in strawberries.
  • Roughly chop the strawberries and add it to a pan with sugar at a medium flame.
  • Let it simmer for few minutes. It took almost 20 minutes for us for the jam to finish cooking.
  • Continuously stir in between to cook the strawberries evenly.
  • Jamming is complete when the jam starts to gather more thickly on the sides of the pan.
  • Switch off the stove at this point. you can also check it by scooping a spoon of jam in a cold plate, if it sets your jam is done.
  • Another method of testing is to take it in a spoon and observing its fall, if it falls late it is done.
  • Allow the jam to cool, and store them into a small to medium sized air tight jars.


You can store this jam, up to an year. For this always use clean and dry spoons each time you take the jam from container.
Also, batching the jam in small containers will help them stay longer.

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