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Recipe for Strawberry Trifle- Tips to Make it in a jiffy

Desserts that are easy and quick to make, like this recipe for Strawberry Trifle are always on my top list rather than the elaborate ones.

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For you, who would love to involve kids in the kitchen, recipes like these are an easy way to start with. The toddler of mine definitely loves to help me with layering parts of trifle.

Also, it is a kid’s friendly recipe as it doesn’t have sherry or alcohol in it.

If you are a beginner and want to up your dessert game, then I have few suggestions from Currylens; that is either easy to make or with few ingredients like this Basundi and mango trifle recipe.

What is a strawberry trifle?

Trifles are native to the British and all those desserts served in glasses not only attract your eye but do have some interesting history.

you can go for a lowball glass like this in the above picture, white wine glass like the one in the picture below or even a regular glass bowl as I did for serving Mango Trifle

It is basically, layered with a bottom-most being a cake, moistened by fruit servings followed by a custard, and decorated with whipped cream.

you can enjoy this trifle recipe in just a few minutes if you have all the layering ingredients handy. In some cases, It can also be those leftovers of a cake or compotes and puddings.


Cake Layer– The cake layer is the bottom-most of a trifle dessert cup. This layer can be sponge cake, vanilla cake, pound cake, sponge fingers aka Ladyfingers. Generally crumbled sweetbun and chocolate cake would also be good, but I haven’t tried this combination with strawberry trifle and it did work with mango trifle

Custard Layer: This layer can also be substituted with creamy puddings.

Fruit layer– this layer is highly flexible with chopped strawberries or purees or compotes. This can also be jello.

you have got that quick dessert craving and don’t have time to make that compote?

just add your strawberry jam but moisten your jam and cakes with some sugar syrup. That’s the best trick to make your strawberry trifle super quick with all other layers of ingredients handy.

Whipped cream Layer (optional): A trifle can have a whipped cream layer as a topping and again it is optional. You can also use a cream cheese layer to make your cream cheese strawberry trifle cups.

Get to know your trifle and layers better, with all the details of alternate substitution of ingredients here. I would highly recommend checking it.

How to make Strawberry Trifle

Making your strawberry trifle is no more a big deal than getting those layers correct. however, there are few steps you can do to make your trifle taste best.

1. Make your sponge cake into crumbles or small cubes.

Are you choosing leftover cakes from your last baking or a cake that turned out rough as the base layer of your trifle?

Then this step is very important to make your cake layer soft. Crumble it, to moisten.

Alternatively, you can also cube the cake into pieces as I did here. This would work great if your cakes are already moist in texture. To up the dessert game with cubed layers, layer it single or thin based on the serving bowl type.

the thickness of the layer, depends on the width of the glasses, if you are using narrow bottomed, it would be good to go with crumbled cake and for wide bottom play with cubes or crumbles

2. Above the sponge cake layer, a fruit layer is added. This Layer adds moisten to the base. This can be a Strawberry puree, but I would recommend a puree only if you are about to serve the trifle immediately.

I love to keep this layer as a roughly chopped strawberry sauce. You can also save some sauce from your strawberry cheesecake recipe for this layer.

Strawberry jello or even Strawberry jam could also solve the purpose of this layer if you need to make this in a jiffy.

3. Layer it with custard above this layer. Another great substitute in this stage would be a vanilla milk pudding.

You can also use a leftover custard from previous desserts or a store-bought custard for this purpose.

4. Repeat these layers till your trifle bowl or glass is filled and top it with whipped cream just before serving.

As this is strawberry flavoured, a cream cheese topping would also be a good option for you to experiment with.

Recipe for Strawberry Trifle

Desserts in a glass-like these strawberry trifles are attractive and quick to indulge in when that sweet craving hits. Get all my tips and substitutions to make this recipe in a jiffy and stunn your immediate guests.
Prep Time5 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: French, global cuisine
Keyword: dessert in a glass, quick dessert, Strawberry Trifle recipes, Trifle recipe


  • Take see-through glasses or trifle serving bowl for serving the dessert.
  • Layer the base with crumbled cakes, the amount of crumbled cakes you add always varies on the width of your serving glass. cover till the base of the glass is not seen.
  • Above this layer, a fruit layer is added. This can be chopped strawberries for crumbled cakes or strawberry puree for cubed layer cakes.
  • Layer the fruit layer above with a layer of custard.
  • you can repeat the same layers if the serving bowl is tall.
  • finally, finish it off with a whipped cream layer at the top just before serving.

Can you make this trifle earlier and refrigerate?

Yes, but don’t if,..! ๐Ÿ™‚

it depends, You can refrigerate the trifle in a serving bowl if the cake layer is cubed, and fruit layer is chopped and the custard layer above is not too runny. Finish it with whipped cream topping just before serving.

Chilled trifles are the best!

Another best way is to chill the fruit puree, custard layer separately, and layer it while serving with whipped topping.

Happy desserting!

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